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"You tricked me. I didn't realize you're an actor. Saw a few of your other videos and didn’t realize they weren’t actually you."

– Mike Dolce

"You're so beautiful but clearly have mental issues."

– @midwestguy

"I thought this was a real video at first. I honestly didn't know til the very end. It's scary that you can't tell the difference."

– Philly Opal & Gems  


Political Comedy

laugh so you don't cry

"I thought u were kinda pretty... then u opened ur mouth" 

– @_justuspdp48 

"This is why she isn't married." 

– @jasoncheneysodenk22 



out loud

"Are these real stories? I thought they all happened to you, but then I thought that was impossible. You are a very good actress!" 

–Meredith Anderson

"At first I did not realize you were acting. I was in the process of forming a possible timeline for that many children when I realized what you were doing." 

–Debb A. Jerney 



the internet in real life



If you're here, you probably figured out I'm an actor and content creator. I'm going to guess you don't care that I grew up in "The OC" or about when I decided I wanted to be a STAAAR, so here are some fun facts you can ask me about if we ever meet: 

  • A donut saved my life.

  • Though I may not seem the cheerleader/sorority sister type, I was both (aoe). 

  • I decided to become a vegetarian at 6, because BABE. 

I'm fascinated by all facets of humanity: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


I try to embrace all sides of my personality and hope my work can inspire you to do the same. <3